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Welcome to Fay Bird Therapy,

your path to personal empowerment and happiness.

Unleash your inner magic, embrace your quirks and embark on a journey of self-discovery with Fay Bird Therapy. I am based in Aylesbury and offer one-on-one sessions and workshops that encompass the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of your being. Anyone is welcome to my sessions, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey.

My unique blend of counselling, coaching, NLP, hypnotherapy and healing will guide you towards a fulfilling life filled with joy, love and abundance.

When you step into the realm of Fay Bird Therapy, I take the time to understand your story. What brought you to this moment on your Life Path? What are your dreams and aspirations? By delving into your unique journey, we can tailor our approach to meet your specific needs.

Here are just a few areas where I can offer support:

Is darkness clouding your days? Together, we'll explore the root causes, develop coping strategies and rediscover your inner strength.

Transforming trauma

Trauma can leave deep scars on our souls, but it doesn't have to define us. Fay Bird Therapy provides a safe and supportive space for healing and growth. Through therapeutic techniques, I'll empower you to reclaim your personal power and rebuild your life on your own terms.

Healing from within

Physical ailments weighing you down? I believe in the power of mind-body connection. Through a combination of healing techniques, I'll help you tap into your body's innate ability to heal, paving the way for renewed vitality and well-being.

Conquering eating disorders

Struggling with an unhealthy relationship with food? My empathetic support will guide you towards a path of self-love and acceptance. Together, we'll uncover your underlying triggers, develop a healthy mindset and nurture a positive body image.

Breaking free from addiction

Addictions can imprison us, but liberation is possible. My holistic approach to addiction recovery combines therapy, counselling, and spiritual guidance to help you break free from destructive patterns. Together, we'll create a roadmap to a vibrant, addiction-free future.

Nurturing connections

Relationships can be a source of great joy or immense pain. Fay Bird Therapy will help you navigate the complexities of human connections, fostering healthier communication, boundaries, and self-awareness. Rediscover harmony in your relationships and cultivate meaningful connections that uplift your soul.

Embracing loss

When loss leaves us shattered, finding solace can seem impossible. I provide a compassionate space to honour your grief, navigate the stages of mourning, and ultimately find healing. Together, we'll illuminate a path towards acceptance and peace.

From redundancy to reinvention

Feeling lost after a career setback? Fay Bird Therapy can help you rediscover your purpose and ignite the spark of creativity. Through coaching, counselling, and spiritual guidance, I can support your career reinvention, empowering you to create a fulfilling and prosperous future.

At Fay Bird Therapy, all sessions are held in the utmost confidentiality,

allowing you to freely express your concerns and fears. Some of the sessions and courses I host include:

Reiki Courses:

Learn the history and basic principles of Reiki, and receive a Level 1 attunement. Explore self-healing and spiritual growth.

Build on Reiki I and learn distant healing techniques.

For those seeking professional healing or deeper Reiki experience. Includes psychic healing, hypno-healing, and metaphysics.

Become qualified to teach Reiki.

Personal and Spiritual Development Workshops:

Discover your true self, release self-defeating habits, and create a new life.

Develop awareness beyond the heart and mind, and connect with your inner guidance.

Experience meditation and quiet contemplation to cultivate stillness and clarity. This is a group session that helps to raise our collective consciousness and radiate to others and the planet.

If you have any questions or queries about my therapy services,

please get in touch with me today. I believe change and growth start with grace, peace and love and I provide a safe and spiritual environment for this journey.

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